About Tati

Tatiana is a comprehensive certified pilates instructor, originating from LA and establishing her career / practice in New York City. A decades-trained professional dancer, she studied all dance styles and techniques (receiving her B.F.A in dance from Dominican University of California with Alonzo King Lines Ballet.) In need of body conditioning, Tatiana discovered Pilates and the many benefits that support a healthy functioning body. She is invested in getting her clients to understand and trust their body. With her experience and trainings for both mat + apparatus styles, along with a thorough understanding of anatomy - she has an intuitive way to help clients develop / improve / nourish their own body awareness, and overall increase core strength and flexibility.
Tatiana is invested in creating sessions that cater uniquely to the each clients needs. In addition too, developing a system that is effective and attainable in order to hold the client accountable towards reaching their goals.