What People Say 


My first real experience with Pilates was with Tatiana. She did an effortless job at making me feel comfortable, working closely and carefully with my body, and making the introduction fun! My body and soul instantly reacted to Pilatatis. I felt more engaged in mind, body and spirit. Tati’s knowledgeability was also incredible to witness because you can literally FEEL everything she’s explaining. She’s articulate which plays a huge part for me in fitness and health because it allows me to practice safe habits and keeps me excited for growth!! ..She’s also extremely dedicated to the craft of Pilates and incorporates her dance background to make things fun and free flowing which feels so amazing on the body. My body thanks you Tati!

50 / ZEV B.

I have been a client of Tatiana’s now for more than a year, doing sessions with her every week, and am extremely pleased with the effects on my body and how I feel overall (particularly in terms of increased energy throughout the day.) The sessions are vigorous and focused and have made me both stronger and more flexible. Tatiana is an excellent instructor and guide. She is smart and assured and just a lovey person to be around. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is also an increasingly world famous dancer so book her now before she’s too busy and fabulous to take on any new pilates clients!


The best way to describe what Tatiana’s Pilates training has done for me is to tell you that last week, I took a 4 mile hike in the Arizona desert..and I was fine with it. That would never have happened before I started personal training with Tatiana. I was a 73 year old woman when I began working with Tatiana because I had a free personal session and she was assigned to help. I immediately switched to working with her one on one. I was so impressed with her hands on technique, and how she was totally focused on me. I was also amazed at how such a young woman could truly understand the body of a woman in her 70’s, and proceed accordingly. Almost two years later, I have more flexibility, better balance, fewer muscle aches, and much greater strength and energy. I give Ms. Barber so much credit for this, and hope we continue to work together in the future.